Ride Away


Chords and lyrics for Ride Away by Roy Orbison

(acoustic guitar doubled w/acoustic bass  
4X; continue into verse 

v v v v

Two wheels a-turnin’

I leave  

Pretty girls behind me

But pretty girls are ev…’rywhere
Big motor wind up
Ride on away from here


She won’t approve of things I do or what I am

And I don’t really give a… I understand
But she’ll never see
That I’ll never be
Anyone but me

// // / // // /

She thinks she needs me
She cries for me
But I know she’s lying
Crying for others to see
What can I say
I’ll just ride away

Someone to know me

Ride away
Ride away
From tears and sorrow
Like there’s no tomorrow
Tonight I’ll ri-ide away
repeat intro riff to fade 

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